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Planetside 2 server merges: who will collide and when If you’ve been playing a Planetside 2 which features the shooting of men on a massive scale, well done – carry on. Details on incoming Planetside 2 has seen a huge resurgence in its player base since the addition of a wealth of (in all 5 server regions!) starting on SolTech at 4:00 AM PDT (8:00 PM local server time). SolTech (US East):; Waterson (US East):; These are liable to change in the future (especially after a server reset) so it may be necessary to use wireshark to obtain the IP. Server transfers are now available both to and from Connery <-> Soltech for a limited time. This window of availability ends September 30, 2019, at 11:59PM. Today's PC update includes changes to the Death Cam, a New Bounty System, new Main Battle Tank Abilities, bug fixes, and more. 2021-02-23 · SolTech, unlike most other servers, has a couple of spikes for high player populations, and we're still trying to feel out exactly what the best times are for the most players there.

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Locale Name PlanetSide 2 holds host to several servers, to allow players from across the world to play among their specific region of choice for maximum performance. Each character in Planetside 2 is tied to a single server, so it is important to pick a server close to you. Each server will also have different outfits, faction balances, and cultures so it may be worth investigating before picking your The Last Ravens [RvnX] Faction: Terran Republic (TR) Server: SolTech Size: We typically run 1-3 squads during game nights and a small squad during off-peak hours. Leadership: HateFap, K4izer, TrooperTime, LibTurd, SBK21 Language: English Outfit Colours/Camo: Dark Digital and Snakeskin Contact: Apply ingame via the outfit browser, message an outfit member, join our Discord at: discord . gg Twitch: Ex-Briggs players have a one-time opportunity to transfer their characters to Connery over the next two weeks. View full event information here: https The M77 is a elite outfit of the Vanu Sovereignty, currently with 62 hive destructions to their name.

PlanetSide 2 - ALERT: We're continuing to work through a

That same morning, there will be a character transfer window opened  PlanetSide 2 har en sida på Facebook Gå med i Facebook idag om du vill hålla kontakt med PlanetSide 2. If you're still unable to login, please let us know server/region - we'll keep providing updates. New Zealand, SolTech, OpenDNS.

soltech obligation 3

Soltech server planetside 2

Your one stop shop for world popuations, active and next continants. The fight for Auraxis begins now!

Desolation saw fierce action this past weekend, as the top 45 Outfits across all 5 server regions went head-to-head-to-head in j0, Soltech Bronze has VS vs VS. (3) Soltech IT assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, loss, long term. r/Soltech: A subreddit for the Planetside 2 Asian Server "Soltech". Häng med i PlanetSide 2-VOD:en nu. ServerSmash 62 - Emerald [TR] vs Emerald [VS] - Indar 2016 - PSB2 [ENG] Outfit Wars : Soltech Bronze Bracket!
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Soltech server planetside 2

But who said war was easy They closed down our local server the briggs server from the previous developer teams complete negligence and handling of server issues “log in side 2” We were forced to migrate to connery as we are an English speaking country and soltech is worse ping. According to Planetside 2 Twitter all worlds will be offline April, 8 for Daybreak-wide, necessary, but unplanned network maintenance beginning at 5:30 AM PT (14:30 CEST). Downtime is expected to last until around 12PM PT (21:00 CEST) or about 6,5 hours.

All New Conglomerate Terran 40 members. Activity: 24 %. Rank: Gold III. Leader: Syousa.
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ServerSmash 62 - Emerald [TR] vs Emerald [VS] - Indar 2016 - PSB2

Hall of fame. PlanetSide 2 Fisu VoidWell PS2 Alerts Planetside Reddit Planetside A community of highly connected people around the world, which are not only seeking a military outfit to play with, but a way to have fun and connect with other people to find new friendships. Home of the High and the Brave We're pirates. We ravage the continents, plundering the enemy bases for certs. Why is the Soltech server locked? Is it under maintenance? Developers update Planetside 2 Test server with new improvements that soon will be added to the Live servers.